DC Comics have broken the news in a PREVIEW that in this weeks issue of Batman Inc. that Damian Wayne is being killed off. Seriously? They spoiled their own comic? This is fucking LAME.

I realise this is pretty bad nerdrage. But I like Damian as Robin. He’s a cheeky little shit. But I like that. Plus he has a real connection to Bruce in that they are Father and Son. Now we have to get to know another Robin. Unless the whole death thing is a ruse, and he dies in the future, or it’s a ‘what if’ scenario, or it’s a dream or something. However in an interview with Batman & Robin writer Peter Tomasi, he has revealed that it is pretty final.

When I heard about the ‘death’ of Robin, I did wonder the fate of Batman & Robin as a comic. It’s one of the better Bat-Titles being released currently, so really wouldn’t want it to be cancelled. Here’s a quote from the interview (Link: Click Here)

the future of “Batman and Robin” will not only involve stories dealing with the emotional fallout of the death of its costar. It will also welcome other players from the Dark Knight’s world in a kind of Batman team-up format, starting with Red Robin Tim Drake.

So we don’t have to get to know a new Robin just yet. But the team-ups can’t go on forever. Will we see Damian resurrected? Death is rarely final in comics. So I guess a push into a Lazarus pit could happen.

My personal prediction is we will see the introduction of a new Robin. In the shape of Harper Row. 

Think about it. Damian is Grant Morrisons character. Batman Inc. is coming to an end soon. It’s probably Morrison’s last run on Batman for the forseeable future. Makes sense he’d want to kill off the character he made and bring his story full circle.

Harper Row is a character who was introduced in Batman #7 and had a full issue dedicated to her just after Night of the Owls (Batman #12 – Great issue, highly recommend picking up a back issue if you haven’t read it) which showed how Batman helped her and her brother once. She improved one of Batmans gadgets. She also helped Bats in the fight, and declared she ‘Wasn’t finished’ after he left.

She is also a character created by Mr Scott Snyder and Mr Greg Capullo. These two guys basically have the keys to Batman at the moment. If Peter Tomasi knew of Morrisons plan to kill off Damian, I’m sure Snyder and Capullo would have done too. Therefore, they knew they had to introduce someone to eventually become the new Robin. 

I think Harper will eventually be Robin. I don’t know when, but I’m pretty sure of it happening eventually. I just hope Batman & Robin as a comic doesn’t suffer due to the death of Damian in the meantime.


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